About Us


About Us

Sfoyzs (ABEANBAG.COM) is a family run business based in Manchester. Since 1989 we have carefully been designing and manufacturing top quality beanbags and related products for homes, schools and businesses across the UK.

All our products are made to order on site. We take pride in the consistent quality we provide to our customers each day. Not only do we have the products you see on our website, we are also open to tackling your custom design.

Please get in touch if this is something you would like to discuss, we are here to get you the product which is right for you!

Our continued presence in the market is a testament to our commitment to our customers and the belief in the products we offer.

We believe in no nonsense, jargon free and equitable dealing. With this in mind we look to the future to becoming one of the leading online retailers and with our success we hope to provide means by which others can benefit. We know that our success lies in the fairness with which we deal with you.