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kids adults bean bags small  medium  large  x-large xx-large  jumbo size.
Junier bed small bed  large beds
High back seater single seater and  two seater settee
Cushions Bead filled and Hallofiber polyester filled.
Filling, Polystyrene beads, Cushion filling Polyester Hallofiber

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Cotton Velvet Corduroy Faux Leather Faux Suede  indoor outdoor


Thanks for visiting - We are proud to show you our range of beanbags, bean bag filling ( polystyrene beads ) , beanbag covers, Giant bean bags, bean beds, cushion filling, single & double seater , netting, foot stools and floor cushions. Combining the very best of quality, comfort and style In various plane colours, size and fabrics ( faux leather, corduroy , cotton drills, faux suede, Velvet, denim and outdoor ( Garden ) fabrics ).

From the start through to the finished product, top quality standards are maintained, so you can be sure you're choosing the best British made bean bags and cushions. Our beanbags come in six sizes (small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large and Jumbo) and floor cushions come in three different sizes (small, medium, large).

Click on any picture above or on (Enter) below to access the website. Once you are in You can order on line by first selecting the item catogary eg; bean beds. Then you select the size of the item you are intrested in , say large beds. At this stage you need to decide on the fabric you would want the large bean bed to be made in. By clicking the colour button you have chosen the item you wish to concider. if this is what you want then press add to cart. Repeat this process if you wish to chuse another item . Fill your details and press submit to send the on line order.

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If you order by 9:00 Your goods will be dispatched the same working day to arrive Next day. On occasions When multiple items are ordered or an item is delayed in being made up, it may take another day for delivery. If we are unable to perform within this time limit we will get in touch with you.

You will Need to choose this Next day Service option on the Shopping cart page.

This Service is Only available For UK Mainland.

1 Year Guarantee

It is our sincere hope that you will be happy with the products and service you receive from us. We will act quickly and fairly to remedy any problems that may arise occasionally. We guarantee (excluding bean filling) the design, fabric and manufacture of all products against reasonable wear and tear for a period of one year from the date of purchase .

This guarantee is limited to 6 months, for commercial use customers.

Polystyrene beans will flatten (depending on usage) and topping up will be necessary.  

we also do Made to Measure items to your specifications and materials.



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