Indoor Outdoor Round BeanBag

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Various colours & 4 Sizes Available: Small (H20 x D60) cm Medium (H30 x D75) cm Large (H35 x D100) cm XL (H45 x D135) cm DESCRIPTION All items are 'Made to Order'. If ordering multiple items please contact us with any questions you may have to ensure that you are happy with the colour, material and sizes before purchasing. Fabric samples are available upon request. POLYSTYRENE BEANS INCLUDED PLEASE NOTE: Dimensions above are for the unfilled beanbag and are based on the size of the fabric that is cut to make the item, hence the final dimensions will be smaller once the item is filled. Items are SINGLE ZIPPED, REMOVABLE COVERS, INTERLINED. Easy to Clean : - wipe with wet soapy cloth for best results. Fabric samples available upon request : - useful if matching with decor. The beanbag MAY arrive as multiple parcels, consisting of a number of bags/boxes of beads and the actual beanbag packaged with one of the beads (depends on item size purchased and the courier used). If item has mulitiple parts the customer must pour the top up beads into the beanbag to form the final product. This separation is to minimise postage costs and also to abide by the size limits imposed by the couriers. Any questions? Please ask us. Fire Retardant outer covers Filling : Fire retardant polystyrene beads

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Size Small (H20 x D60) cm, Medium (H30 x D75) cm, Large (H35 x D100) cm, XL (H45 x D135) cm
Colour Orange, Aqua, Yellow, Green, Purple, Navy, Royal blue, Lime Green, Fuchsia Pink, Choc Brown, Maroon, Gray, White, Charcal Gray, Black Ivory, Light Silver Gray, Florecent, Yellow, Metallic Silver, Red, Olive, Camouflage, Cream, Metallic Gold
Interlined Yes, No

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